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Custom synthesis is according to customer demand for product chemical structure, synthesis of a particular chemical.
   Chalf-pharm has a group of high-quality, high-tech professional chemical engineering and technical personnel, through production practice, accumulated rich experience in synthesis,We offer a research-development-production one-stop service for a variety of organic chemicals and specialty chemicals.We and a number of well-known domestic enterprises and research institutions established long-term relations of cooperation, can meet various aspects customization and production demand.     
   Chalf-Pharm Offers a variety of chemical custom synthesis services.By means of intermediates, synthetic building blocks, reference compounds and natural products total synthesis to synthesize compounds with biological activities from milligrams to kilograms scale. We have successfully finished the orders of a large number of custom synthesis,We are capable of dozens of reaction types, including chiral synthesis and resolution, oxidation, reduction, condensation, nitration, bromination, etc. We can also manage high pressure hydrogenation reactions, oxygen-free and water-free environment, ultra-low temperature environment and highly corrosive demanding process.
   First, our advantages of custom synthesis:
   I  Advanced technology, experienced and innovative professional development team.
   II Perfect quality management system strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008 guidelines.
   III Professional project management personnel and project management system.
   IV Customized production plan to help reduce customers’ cost and time.
   We promise the following service in our custom synthesis business: rapid response; good price; quality assurance; timely delivery; detailed data report and customer satisfaction.
   Second, synthetic data can be provided during the synthesis:
   Synthesis procedure (original synthesis records, TLC, etc), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), mass spectrometry (MS), nuclear magnetic resonance analyses (NMR), etc.
   Third, client confidentiality agreement:
   We keep strictly confidential about the clients’entrusted contents, and if necessary, sign a confidentiality contract. We are willing to work closely with domestic and international customers to develop new products. No matter what the problems are, we are willing to serve you faithfully.