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 Nanjing Chalf-Pharm Technology Co., Ltd.devoted to the synthesis of technical barriers to high, difficult, high added value of organic intermediates and medicine material research and development, under the principle of quality first, timely and adequate to complete customers' orders and won the praise of many customers.
 We will timely communication with customer contact, the progress of the project. For some difficult and special products, and we also can do it let customers real-time understanding of the project schedule. At the same time, we will timely give customers some suggestion, maximum limit for the customer to provide quality services. On the basis of customer requirements for product quality, we also put forward higher request to oneself, to ensure each product from Nanjing Chalf-Pharm Technology Co., Ltd. out, meet customer demand for product quality, achieve hundred of qualified.

In the quality control system, we adopt the following test steps to ensure that each batch of product quality:
·Intermediates quality checks
·Product quality inspection
·Product analysis certificate

In product quality control, we adopt the following techniques:
·Chromatography (HPLC technology; thin-layer chromatography; gas chromatography)
·Mass spectrometry (liquid - ms)
·Spectroscopy (infrared, ultraviolet),atomic absorption
·Determination of physical constants
·content analysis
·elemental analysis
·Titration (acidic titration; alkaline titration, ligand titration, non-aqueous titration, REDOX titration)
·Mixing test with water
·Evaporation or ignition residue determination
·No determination of volatile matter
·clarity test
·loss on drying,Karl fischer assay
  Chalf-pharm promise:each one from the company out of the product, are 100% qualified products, if there is any quality problem, we do not charge any fee.