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Nanjing Chalf-Pharm Technology Co., Ltd.located in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park - Zijin Technology Innovation Park, is a company specializing in custom chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical intermediates and drug research and development of high-tech technology companies. Chemical Science and technology venture park is a professional international pharmaceutical and chemical research and development base, the park has "thousands of people plan" (Nanjing) Chemical Engineering Research Institute, Spain Modi Kang Life pharmaceutical R & D center and a number of high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise, we and the related research and development agencies have conducted fruitful cooperation difference.The company is mainly engaged in customized synthesis of complex small molecule frameworks and pharmaceutical intermediates, and independent R&D of innovative new drugs; and provides services of production technology improvement and consigned new drug development for pharmaceutical enterprises. Chalf-Pharm is committed to researching and developing APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates with high synthesis technology barriers and difficulties and high added value, and also focuses on the synthesis of chiral compounds.
  The main service in the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities laboratory, at present business covers product development, custom synthesis, international procurement and trade and other three areas.
  We can meet customer's new compounds from mg to kg custom needs, and technology research and development business. According to customers need to sign technical confidentiality agreement, and will report the custom progress. Our main products include heterocyclic compound: pyridine, pyrimidine, pyrrole, pyran, indazole, imidazoles, thiazole, indoles, boric acid and carboxylic acid, etc., active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. You can input the key word (product number, CAS number, product name) way to query to your concern. Company all products through the NMR and LC - MS, HPLC testing, we will offer our customer high quality products, the most advantage price, first-class services, and personalized technical support platform. Looking forward to the cooperation with you.
  Now, we service customers has expanded to North America, Europe, India and other countries, we are continuing to explore and effort.
     Chalf-Pharm adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, environmental protection, honest and trustworthy, common development" philosophy and dedication to provide customers at home and abroad advanced technology, reasonable prices, quality products and professional technical services.