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Chiral drugs large domestic market so it is urgent to strengthen the research and development

2013/8/16      view:

   Nature, there are many molecules like one's left hand and right hand, same composition, the structure is a mirror symmetry, this property has been vividly called "chiral". "Chiral" is one of the essential attribute of nature, many as an important basis of biological macromolecules life activities, such as proteins, polysaccharides, nucleic acid and enzyme, almost all have the "chiral" characteristics. And many synthetic drug molecules is also do you have the same composition, shape symmetrical two "hands", one of the "hand" of disease, the curative effect of "hand" the other, with little or no effect, even has side effects. Therefore, by using the principle of "chiral" with technology to develop new drugs, has become one of the new direction of international medicine.
  A vast market of chiral drugs
 "In the 21st century will be the century of the development of the chiral drugs." Academician of Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of organic Lin Guojiang once said in a pharmaceutical enterprise summit. Recently, Lin Guojiang academicians in the state intellectual property office of the project report, said: "since the 1990 s, the kinds of chiral drugs into the market and sales growth sharply, chirality drug research has been paid great attention in pharmaceutical enterprise. According to incomplete statistics, in 1993 the world 97 top-selling drug in chiral drugs accounted for 20%; in 1997, the world's 100 top-selling drug, has 50 is single enantiomers () chiral drugs, chiral drugs has half of the world pharmaceutical market. The market prospects of chiral drug."
  More than a decade ago, chiral drugs for most people is still very strange, but by the late 1990 s, chiral drugs has become a new research hot spot in the world.
Chiral drugs not only curative effect is good (some chiral drug efficacy was originally the racemic drugs several times or even more), and less side effects. In today's drug safety consideration, chiral drugs is quite popular with the market. In addition, compared with the development of new drugs, the development of chiral drugs are at low risk, short cycle, less cost, big achievements, many countries have invested heavily to develop chiral drugs, a series of out of racemic drugs research and development of chiral drugs appeared continuously. With the continuous improvement of chiral technology, single enantiomers of chiral drugs has been in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, tumor, etc. Widely used in diseases of the nervous system. Chemicals of chiral drugs, expert analysis, market needs, most likely will be rapidly developed drugs including erythropoietin blood thinner, interferon and monoclonal antibody, cancer drugs, long-term antihistamines, neuraminidase inhibition of antiviral drugs, not benzene, isopropyl amine anorexia, pbo alkane ketone antibiotics, D - phenylalanine and Margaret diketone of sugar   
  The huge market of chiral drugs, cause the attention of the academia and industry. According to understand, basf, dow chemical and many other international well-known large companies have established chiral intermediates and development institutions, specializing in chiral pharmaceutical intermediates, chiral chemicals and other development work. Such as dow chemical Alchemia company cooperation with Australia, specializing in chiral carbohydrates medicine and nutrition glycan class development.                  
  Observe the chiral drugs market, can be found out to the stable and rapid growth year by year. In 1993, only $33 billion in global sales of chiral drugs; $1994 in 45.2 billion; In 1998 to $1998; $1999 in 96.3 billion (and statistics for more than $1150); In 2000 for $2000. To 2003, the chiral drugs market each year to increasing at the rate of 8% a year.

  Research and development of chiral drugs is weak in our country
  Chiral drugs huge market, also attracted the attention of the academia and industry in our country. There have been some domestic agencies paid attention to the development of chiral drugs, especially subordinate of Chinese academy of sciences institute of chiral drug related research and development work has achieved obvious results, some research has reached the international advanced level, also received a number of with independent intellectual property rights.
  Chiral drugs in our country, the market potential of nots allow to ignore. A study of the Boston consulting group, the report said China's current drug market in the world seventh, in the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain and Italy. By 2010, China's drug market will reach $24 billion, Britain and Italy. 5. As people claim to drug safety, high efficiency, etc, the demand of chiral drugs increased year by year.
  However, study on the chiral drugs now in far couldn't keep up with the requirement of market development. Have experts point out that, in general, the chemical synthesis and biosynthesis of chirality drug research, basic and innovative research less, and the world in the field of chiral drugs research and development level still exists big disparity. If you don't make a further study of the domestic research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers adopting foreign technology in the future when will deliver a lot of patent fees.
  Chiral technologies foreground is broad
   About expert introduction, chiral technology not only apply to the raw material to produce drugs and its intermediates, and agricultural chemicals, fungicide, food additives and other non-drug application will also be chiral chemicals offers a wide variety of growth prospects. According to the report, the United States NeutraSweet companies use left-handed aspartic acid and l phenylalanine two chiral intermediates as raw materials, create a new type of high sweetness sweetening agent, its sweetness than the current international market best-selling sweeteners day winter sweet peptide 40 times higher, 8000 times as sucrose, food or drinks as long as you add a little bit of this new type of chiral sweeteners, can produce pure sweet taste and food does not make people fat. Once the market similar products, its prospect is difficult to measure. No wonder some experts said, chiral products will completely change in pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals. Chemical and food (additives) face of the market, its development foreground is broad. Therefore, further strengthen the research and development of chiral technology in China has become a top priority.