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China international chemical industry exhibition held in September 2013

2013/8/16      view:

   2013 (the 12th) China international chemical industry exhibition will be on September 4 ~ 6, held in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall. The exhibition is expected to total exhibition area of 25000 square meters, is expected to more than 800 exhibitors, domestic and international professional audiences and high-end buyers is expected to more than 20000 people. Exhibition will include petroleum and chemical products; Basic organic and inorganic chemicals and raw materials; Agricultural chemicals. Fine and specialty chemicals. Coatings, dyes, pigments; Chemical new materials and raw materials; Chemical equipment and engineering; Chemical control instruments, meters; Chemical trade; Chemical science and technology achievements, and the application of technology. Exhibition at the same time will also be a peak BBS in the field of petroleum and chemical industry, technology exchange seminars.